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An Extract from the Diary of Arnold J Rimmer

...And what happened next

Fanfiction for Red Dwarf

Word Count: 2,965 words

Spoiler warning: some spoilers for Red Dwarf Series 1-3 - which is where the action picks up. Set in this era of the series. Stand-alone story, mentions of the events in the previous entry.

Content Note: Rating PG-13, some Red Dwarf style language.

Disclaimer: Red Dwarf is the property of the BBC and creators Rob Grant and Doug Naylor- I don't own the characters or settings. Some elements inspired by the Red Dwarf Smegazines and novels.

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Red Dwarf, Rimmer

Starbug Express

Fanfiction for Red Dwarf and The Brittas Empire, inspired by Chris Barrie's brilliant performances in each, and featuring the characters of Rimmer and Brittas.

Word Count: 2,921 words

Spoiler warning: some spoilers for the beginning of The Brittas Empire Series 2, Episode 1; Red Dwarf Series 1-3 - which is where the action picks up- set in this era of the series. Takes place in the setting of The Brittas Empire with characters from both series.

Content Note: Rating PG-13, some Red Dwarf style language, irreverence and questioning of characters' sanity by other characters.

Disclaimer: Red Dwarf and The Brittas Empire are the property of the BBC and their creators- I don't own the characters or settings.

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Inventing America

I've been reading the history of inventions first in the book Strange and Fascinating Facts about Famous Brands by Charles Reichblum. Then the latest issue of Time magazine commemorates Thomas Edison, who invented among other things the lightbulb, phonograph and motion pictures. It's interesting to note how these inventions were named and how they came about. Many of them were later used for other purposes, such as the phonograph being adapted for used as an answering machine. Inventing is a creative act, as are art and writing, though they evolve over time.
Amy Pond

Action Figures

These action figures were just announced: all eleven Doctors in one set! They are also sold separately and in sets with other figures, such as the First Doctor with "The Dalek Invasion of Earth" Dalek and the Second Doctor with a Cyberman from "Tomb of the Cybermen."

5 Doctors

I already have five of the Doctors from Character Options, and the three Dapol Doctors. I've just ordered the First Doctor set as well. Before I started roleplaying, I had already begun collecting action figures of Doctor Who and staging scenes with them for photographing, as many people do on Flickr. The selection of action figures from Character Options is very impressive, with many different variants. As is the series of Torchwood figures made by SciFiCollector, though that series has just eight figures so far (also with variations on the Jack action figure).


Seen here are Tosh, Ianto, Jack, Gwen, and John. Other figures in the range are the Cyberwoman, Blowfish and Weevil. This Jack is from the Doctor Who "Utopia" series. There is also a Torchwood version and "The Empty Child" version. I also have these in my collection. The Doctor Who and Torchwood figures are in the same scale, so they can be placed together. They are a great way to display the world of Doctor Who and collect items related to the show.

Writer's Block: Collector's piece ...

Do you collect anything? If so, describe your favorite collection (past or present).

I have lots of collections like stamps and coins (especially the 50 states and US territories quarters that have been releasing the past few years.  Recently I've been collecting action figures from my favorite series: Star Trek, Star Wars, Doctor Who and Torchwood.  My favorite collection is of Torchwood items: books, DVDs and some of the action figures.  It informs my fanfiction writing, so I can find out more about the TV show characters, and also makes great decoration for my room!  (the models I have of the Doctor Who TARDIS Police Box and console room are also cool!)

Writer's Block: Educated guess

How has your education prepared you for your current or intended career? Do you wish you had taken a different path academically? Would you consider transferring or going back to school?

I originally got a degree in English Literature two years ago and I also went back to school for a library science program at community college.  The classes I took in college have been useful to inform my writing now, whether it is fiction or non-fiction.  I was able to study different media in class, like books, television or films, and choose subjects I was interested in the most.  These included science fiction, fantasy and western genres.  Another interest I have continued throughout my school career is music, since I've done singing, played the recorder, flute and guitar in and out of school.  While I'm writing I usually have music playing on the radio, records or CDs.  The career I'm looking at now is in libraries or data management.  I volunteer in the library of the high school I graduated from, as well as the Sierra Club in San Francisco, while I'm in classes.