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The other side

A Torchwood story by _mel42_
Takes place after the episode 'Kiss Kiss Bang Bang' (spoilers!)
& this scene is about Gwen and Rhys.
Torchwood belongs to the BBC- I don't own the show or its characters!

Gwen came home from the incident with Captain John Hart shaken and disturbed. She had almost gotten killed with him, if the bomb had gone off when they were still linked together with the handcuffs. Fortunately Owen had come up with the solution in time, and the bomb had gone into the Rift, though it transported them back in time. Once the temporal ramifications were worked out, she returned home to check on Rhys. Her fiance. That was still new to her. He met her at the door with a kiss.

'Hey. Bad day at work, love?'

'You could say that.' Gwen put her keys down on the table and hugged him. 'But, my boss, Jack, got back here.'

'Finally!' Rhys exclaimed. 'I was wondering how long he would be away. Takes a bit off your mind, doesn't it Gwen?'

'Sure does.' she sighed, leaning back on the couch. 'I told him that we were engaged.'

'Oh aye? I guess you'll be inviting your work mates to the ceremony.'

'Yeah, they should be there.' 'Splendid. Here, let me get you some wine. You look run off your feet.'

'Cheers Rhys.' Gwen curled her legs under her, leaning her head on the armrest.

Rhys sat next to her, putting the glass on the table beside her and draping his arm across her shoulder. 'Don't suppose you could tell me about it? Or is it too "top-secret?"'

Gwen thought about the aliens, car chases, time agents. 'Something like that.' She took a sip of the wine and snuggled against him. 'Jack will be here for us, now.'

'How can you be sure? He disappeared for ages.'

'Everything changes. We can just appreciate what we have while it lasts.'
Tags: fanfiction, torchwood
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