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Writer's Block: Educated guess

How has your education prepared you for your current or intended career? Do you wish you had taken a different path academically? Would you consider transferring or going back to school?

I originally got a degree in English Literature two years ago and I also went back to school for a library science program at community college.  The classes I took in college have been useful to inform my writing now, whether it is fiction or non-fiction.  I was able to study different media in class, like books, television or films, and choose subjects I was interested in the most.  These included science fiction, fantasy and western genres.  Another interest I have continued throughout my school career is music, since I've done singing, played the recorder, flute and guitar in and out of school.  While I'm writing I usually have music playing on the radio, records or CDs.  The career I'm looking at now is in libraries or data management.  I volunteer in the library of the high school I graduated from, as well as the Sierra Club in San Francisco, while I'm in classes.
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