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Torchwood team

The Return

 A Torchwood Story
by _mel42_

Featuring Captain Jack Harkness
Based on and set between the end of Doctor Who 'Last of the Time Lords' and the beginning of Torchwood 'Kiss Kiss Bang Bang' (spoilers for Doctor Who series 3, Torchwood series 2)

Rating: PG-13

Captain Jack Harkness saluted to the Doctor and the lovely Miss Martha Jones. Though he missed the Doctor already, Jack was determined to at last get back to his team at Torchwood. Ianto... as well as Gwen, Owen and Tosh, the team he had brought together and had grown to care about in so many ways. He thought he would find Ianto in the information centre by the bay but when he opened the door, there was no one at the post. He frowned slightly and swept in, activating the hidden door, and walked down the passageway to the lift.

As the cog door opened, lights flashing and heavy steel gate opening before him, he found no one there either. For a moment he thought the Master had come back and gotten them all, but of course the Doctor had defeated the other Time Lord, for now at least. He walked past the teams' workstations, showing signs that they had left in a hurry. Papers scattered all over, Rift programmes left running on the computers. Jack wondered what could have sent them away... and how Gwen was doing managing them.

He went up to his office, looked across to the Boardroom, surprised to find that it was now filled with plants. He could already think of a few uses for this new hothouse... he approved. Plans on his desk showed that the boardroom had been moved to the downstairs area. What else had they changed in his absence? Had they even known if he was coming back? He shook his head, hands in pockets, as he looked around. So much to catch up on. Did they keep a log of their activities?

He turned around abruptly and headed back down. He activated a programme to track the SUV and located it en route to a house in the city. Going to his car, he started it up and revved the engine, heading to the place. He got there not a moment too soon. The blowfish had his hand on a girl, pointing a gun at her. Jack came up behind the blowfish and shot him in the head. As the blowfish's body fell to the ground, Jack turned to his team, who were all staring at him from across the room.

Jack grinned.

'Hey kids. Did you miss me?'